Light industrial estates attract specialist businesses offering niche services

Youngs Industrial Estate in Aldermaston has a diverse range of specialist occupiers that make it appealing to businesses that provide specific industry services.

This synergistic relationship help to draw clients as the estate becomes known for them. Youngs Estate specialises in high tech, car maintenance & repair, construction services and commercial catering.

Synergy is a key concept associated with external growth. Synergy happens when the value of two or more niche businesses based in the same location is higher than the sum of the value of a business on its own.

The Industrial estate has the following benefits:-
  • Ability to concentrate dedicated infrastructure in a delimited area.  This reduces the per-business expense of that infrastructure.
  • Specific infrastructure suited to light industrial businesses. The estate includes high-power electric supplies (three phase electric power), high-end communications cables, large-volume water supplies, and high-volume gas.
  • Ability to attract new business by providing an integrated infrastructure in one location.
  • Flexible lease terms.
  • Adjacent to AWE.
About AWE

Once a wartime airfield, today Aldermaston is a centre of excellence, housing advanced research, design and manufacturing facilities.  A former munitions factory, AWE Burghfield is a 225-acre site where warheads are assembled and maintained while in service, and decommissioned when out of service.

The technology sector is well represented in this Business Estate.

The rise of high tech businesses – highly advanced technological services (especially in electronics) have seen an increase in demand for synergistic services close by.  Tech hardware and software services providing research, development and/or distribution of technologically based goods and services are represented in The Park.  Guralp Systems, for example, is a leading global provider of instrumentation and monitoring systems.

Construction related services in Youngs Industrial Estate.

NSG Environmental provide decommissioning and waste management solutions to the UK nuclear industry.  Reactive Integrated Services Asbestos & Hazardous Substance Removal, Land Remediation/Restoration, Refurbishment, Maintenance and Facilities Management. Star Platforms provide powered access equipment such as forklift machinery as well as training in operating them.

Building services

The estate also has a range of building services offering carpentry, welding as well as building supplies and tool hire.  There are more specialist services such as  KVA Constructions who offer construction & maintenance to the Overhead Power Line Industry.  Ventafix Fabrications manufacture metal structures and parts of structures.

Car Specialist Services

Youngs Industrial Estate is well known for offering a range of specialist car businesses servicing classic cars, motorhomes, and high performance cars.  There are a number of car bodyshop specialists, services providing complex engine diagnostics and replacements as well as MOT and servicing companies.

Professional catering services

Youngs Industrial Estate is also growing in popularity with catering businesses. Hiring of professional catering equipment, provision of fresh & frozen food and ancillary services such as commercial refrigeration.  Eurasia Food Services and PPS Janitorial who provide cleaning and hygiene supplies are based in the Estate.

If you would like to find out how your business could benefit relocating or starting up in Youngs Industrial Estate contact James Page, from Page Commercial.

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